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SPORTZBUZZ Enrolment Information Form

SPORTZBUZZ Terms and Conditions:
SPORTZBUZZ Fee Structure:
* Fees are charged per term and to be paid as per invoice detail.
* Fees will not be refunded if you choose to leave mid-term and there is no reduction in fees for non-attendance.
* One month's notice is requested on leaving SPORTZBUZZ..
* A maximum of two make-up classes will be offered per term, subject to availability.

SPORTZBUZZ Coaching Policy:
* There is NO coaching on public holidays.
* Instructors are responsible for the teaching of SPORTZBUZZ only during specified class times.
* Parents/Carers are required to be present during the SPORTZBUZZ class to attend to the needs of their children.
* SPORTZBUZZ is not a drop-off and leave activity.
* Please note siblings are not allowed to participate in the sessions and must be supervised at all times.
* Please ensure your child wears appropriate footwear and brings along water to drink.


I, the undersigned, have read and accept these terms and conditions. I acknowledge that there exists an element of risk when my child is undertaking any exercise program or sporting activity. In submitting this form, I agree that SPORTZBUZZ, its affiliates, employees, agents and any other persons associated with it, accepts no liability for damagess, related causes, injury, loss or any and all such claims under any circumstance.
SPORTZBUZZ reserves the right to use any photographs or digital media taken at sessions, holiday camps or other events for the purpose of advertising, marketing or promotion unless written advice indicating otherwise is received by SPORTZBUZZ.

Thanks for submitting!

2014 Sportzbuzz where kids have a ball






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